Friday, August 24, 2012


So, I have been quite absent lately. I do apologize for that. On top of life being... well, life, I just can't bring myself to log out of my shop's gmail account in order to log into my personal gmail account. Yup. Pure and simple laziness. My dear, dear friend.

But, since I am here now - a little update, point form style (with photos):

-Christmas is coming!! Did you know that? I am to have my shopping done by Halloween. I'm pretty sure this can be done. The most difficult part will be the second part of this plan which is to not buy anymore gifts after October 31st. I am notoriously bad for this! I always come across the most perfect present for so-and-so ever, buy it, and then give them far too many items (therefore, spending far too much money). This will be tricky. Someone hold me to it!?!?!

-Pinterest seems to be taking over my life again. When I'm not pinning a million things, I am going back through the hundreds of items that I have already pinned in hopes of finding some crafting/decorating inspiration. I am having a harder and harder time caring about how my house looks now that it won't be a forever home. Sigh. The life of a military wife... Luckily I have a 1st birthday party to plan and a super special holiday to prep for (Christmas, duh!). Here is a Pinterest find that is quickly becoming a headache of a holiday gift - luckily I have a few months to tweak it:

- We have officially started trying to conceive our second (and last - according to the Pte.) child. This brings on an onslaught of miscarriage fears that I'm not sure I have recovered from from the first time around. I am ridiculously lucky (and thankful) to have such a beautiful little girl but I will always mourn the baby that wasn't meant to be. Anyway, don't be expecting any big news anytime soon - the military has conveniently scheduled the Pte. to be away for training purposes for my next 3 or 4 months of ovulating (so far). You know what they say, If the Army wanted you to have a child, they would have issued you one - of course they typically say that about wives. Luckily I squeaked in just before the Army got their hooks into the Pte.

- Being an Army Wife is something that I am so amazingly proud to be. Something that I strive to improve on each and every day. Something that is ridiculously hard to handle. There, I said it. The Army is my husband's number one priority 90% of the time. It sets some pretty high standards for the other 10% of the time. The other 10% which is typically filled with sleeping, watching Army movies, talking about Army training, talking about or to his Army buddies, and getting ready to leave us and head back to his life on the base. It is frustrating and a hard pill to swallow. It is hard enough to shove a weeks worth of love and affection (and attention!) into 48 hours without making the majority of it Army focused. But like I said, I strive to improve on my Army Wife duties every day. To wrestle with the dog when she stares after me hoping Daddy will be getting out of the Jeep too. To give our little girl extra hugs and kisses and Dad Dad loves you so much's. To remind myself that the Pte. is doing something so amazing, that he truly loves, and that doesn't mean he loves me any less. Yeah, work in progress...

- My sweet Bubby Girl is crawling on her hands and knees, clapping her hands, making kissy noises with her mouth as she waves goodbye, climbing up onto everything, standing without holding onto anything, laughing, and crying her sweet little crocodile tears. She is more than I could have ever wanted and all that I could ever need. Her and the Pte. are the loves of my life. I'm a very lucky girl.

On that note, I will end this update with the hope that I will check back in more frequently. It's good for my sanity - spelling it out like this. It's a little me time that isn't distracted by life. Now if only I can pull myself away from the computer in order to continue the scarf I'm knitting for the Pte....

- The Mrs.

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