Thursday, July 12, 2012

Lazy Day at the Lake

I had to deliver some diapers to a loyal customer today. While we were down in that end of the Valley, we (my Mama, and Elodie, and I) decided to try and track down a friend at the lake. We knew she was on vacation but had no updated number for her so we kind of just showed up. Luckily Elodie is cute and makes niceties like calling ahead unnecessary. Anyway, we had SO much fun. Elodie bumped her head as she does often since hitting the climb-up-on-everything stage. To calm her down I decided to dunk her feet into the lake. Well, that was not enough for my water baby! She plunked herself down on her fluffy butt and splashed in the water.

Then, much to my surprise, a family of 11 ducks came swimming around. I'm talking within a foot of us:

They are the funniest/cutest/odd little animals. They look so calm and reserved above the water while their feet are paddling like mad underneath the surface! When they bob under the water in search of food, and their butts pop up into the air, I can't help but think about Donald Duck for some reason and it makes me chuckle. Funny, funny little things they are. Elodie, or course, couldn't care less about them. She was far more interested in seeing how many rocks she could get into her mouth before her Nan noticed and pulled them out again. Love that kid!

After we left, Elodie passed right out in her car seat which is amazing for a tired old mama like me. Especially since that kid has been too cool for naps and normal bedtimes for the past week and a half. My Mama and I even managed to sneak a trip through the Tim Horton's drive-thru for some much needed Iced Capp's while the babe slept peacefully in the back.

The Pte. and the rest of the people on his course took a late night trip to a larger military base in a neighbouring province Tuesday night. They arrived for some all day training with the big guns (C9's I believe but don't quote me on that one) and then took another late night bus trip back here last night. He must have arrived back to base around 2:30am because he started to send me text messages. I happened to still be up with a very cranky Elodie, pacing back and forth and trying to get her to go back to sleep. This was the photo that I sent The Pte:

This is one very tired Mama and very cranky baby!
The Pte. is due home tomorrow for the entire weekend which seems like such a luxury at this point. I am so overwhelmed with the one million things I would love to do while I have him to myself (camping, trip to the zoo, trip to the new adventure park, trip to the local-ish theme park, etc) but we will most likely do a whole lot of nothing. That's why I love him - he loves lazy, plan free days as much as I do!

- The Mrs.

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