Monday, July 9, 2012

The Pte.

My husband is amazing. Of course I would think so, or you'd think I wouldn't have been so inclined to marry him. But he really is a pretty amazing guy. He honestly excels at everything he does (except for Scrabble). Well, it turns out that Elodie, his mother, and I are not the only ones who find him so amazing. Turns out that the Canadian Forces does as well. So awesome that they're encouraging him to apply for a two month course being offered September 10th. Did I mention it's taking place in Alberta? Yeah. Being accepted into, and completing, this course will do amazing things for The Pte's military career (especially if her hopes to be deployed in the future). I am so very proud of him...

So proud in fact that I bit back my tears and told him that I absolutely would not allow him to decline this opportunity. It will mean two months with him training on the other side of the country. It will mean him missing his daughter's first birthday. It will mean him leaving less than two weeks after he finishes the course that he is currently on. It will mean so many things, good and bad...

But I am so proud of him. He is such an amazing husband, father, and now, infantry soldier. But damn I will miss him!

- The Mrs.


  1. Oh, sweetie, I know a bit of that heartbreak. I award you the Wife of the Year award! Hugs!!!

  2. Haha, and here I thought you were vying for that role! But I will graciously accept it and work on a short but sweet acceptance speech :)